CETI Fellowship's First Graduation

July 10, 2023
July 10, 2023

This week we celebrated the graduation of the first cohort of the CETI Marine Conservation Fellows! The Project CETI Dominica Marine Conservation Fellowship is a 10-month program with a custom curriculum created by Project CETI and the National Geographic Society. The curriculum is centered around seven key themes including modules on marine science, scientific research/techniques, water and vessel skills, storytelling and leadership skills. The fellowship’s aim is to increase youth participation in fields relating to marine science including research and science communication. Furthermore, the Fellowship seeks to empower Dominica’s youth to play a vital role in developing Dominica’s blue economy through ocean conservation.

Throughout the program this year, the Fellows, Khade Elwin, Omari John Rose and Whitney McLawrence, engaged with the CETI researchers and partners as they worked toward their mission of listening to and translating whale communication in Dominica. Additionally, Project CETI hosted four National Geographic Society Explorers for a photojournalism event called Photo Camp engaging the Fellows and 17 other youth from Dominica in April. The Fellows also became SCUBA certified and learned the basics of sailing. Not only did they broaden their knowledge of the wonders of the ocean and develop professionally, but also, they experienced personal growth on their journey to becoming stewards of the ocean.

The 2022/2023 Fellowship ended on June 30 and it was marked by a final show and graduation of the three inaugural Fellows at the Dominica State College on July 7. The Fellows were supported by Project CETI local and international partners as well as friends and family. They each presented their final projects and received certificates of achievement and gifts for being such exemplary Fellows. Photographs taken by the Fellows and participants in the Photo Camp were on display.

During the final show and graduation four new Fellows, Tracey Daway, Yanson Hilaire. Kodie Jean Jacques and Adeola Xavier were also announced. They will begin the program in September 2023.