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Marine Conservation Fellowship
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Program Application
2023 - 2024

Applications are now open for Project CETI Dominica’s Marine Conservation Fellowship (MCF) 2023/2024 cohort.

Four Fellows will be accepted this year and the application deadline is Friday, June 6th 2023.


Project CETI Dominica’s Marine Conservation Fellowship is a 10-month, multi-module training program with a custom curriculum co-created by Project CETI and the National Geographic Society. It aims to increase participation fields relating to ocean sciences and encourage whale and ocean advocacy. Ultimately, the MCF seeks to empower Dominica’s youth. The curriculum is centered around 7 key themes including modules on marine science, scientific research/techniques, water and vessel skills, storytelling and leadership.

The Fellowship encourages the participation of youth in marine science professions and plays a vital role in developing Dominica’s blue economy through ocean conservation, research and science communication. The program also seeks to create research capacity and equip fellows with skills to explore job opportunities in marine science.

To ensure diversity and inclusion, women and Indigenous people are encouraged to apply. Through the 10-month, nine module training program MCF, participants will receive training and first-hand experience in scientific research and leadership skills necessary for emerging leaders as well as being exposed to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

Participants will be part of a daring marine research project using non-invasive robotics to gain a better understanding of sperm whale families, and have a greater sense of ownership for Dominica’s marine resources. MCF will engage stakeholders from both local and international organizations. Participants will work alongside world renowned scientists/researchers as well as PhD students and local fisheries officers to facilitate knowledge transfer and build capacity. We are seeking entry-level to mid-career youth (18-30 years old) with an interest in at least two (2) of the areas listed below:
Ocean science
Conservation & policy
Environmental science
Science communication, photography & storytelling
Education and outreach
Science technology engineering arts and mathematics (STEAM)          
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics

We require that the applicants are highly motivated and have great leadership potential to serve as stewards of the ocean.

Program & Duration

The Fellowship program will take place from September 2023 - June 2024.

Duties & Responsibilities

Fellows are required to maintain active participation in the MCF contributing to discussions and participating in guided and self-led online courses. Additionally, they will be required to engage in at-sea expeditions. While the schedule varies, Fellows can be expected to engage with the Fellowship through either a live or virtual session, writing assignment or meetings a minimum of four hours a week.

Fellows are expected to communicate effectively with Project CETI’s MCF partners and stakeholders. Knowledge of swimming is an asset however, it is not a requirement to apply for the fellowship. Swimming lessons will be offered if needed.

We highly recommend Fellows be vaccinated against COVID-19, although having the vaccine is not a requirement to be accepted into the Fellowship.

Fellowship Background

The Fellowship began in September 2022 as a pilot with three Fellows. They followed a curriculum with both guided and self-led content. The Fellows learned about ocean conservation, leadership styles and interpersonal and professional development skills. Moreover, they gained experience from research-at-sea and at the on-site robotics laboratory. Education and outreach programs allowed for knowledge sharing in communities and at schools. The Fellows also had the opportunity to complete their diving certification along with other courses led by the National Geographic Society.

Project CETI’s Dominica Marine Conservation Fellowship empowers youth to speak with authority and ownership as it relates to the country’s marine resources. Therefore, on completion of the Marine Conservation Fellowship, participants will have the opportunity to be part of an alumni network of mentors. Furthermore, they will have more enhanced skills for blue economy job opportunities and internships. Project CETI will provide post fellowship opportunities for fellows where possible.

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